User Guide

Form and dimensions:

Tesla369 Solar Disc® is made in the form of a circle, 3 mm of thickness, 39mm in diameter. 

It has a hole of 2.7 mm on the top, which is punctured to thread the black cord which comes in the package with the product.


Tesla369 Solar Disc® is made of aluminum, ISO Al99.5, which is often called as Soft Aluminum, the purest commercial type of aluminum on the market.

TSD is electrochemically powder coated in the process of the production. It also consists of 2 Energized crystals on each side of it.

How to use Tesla Solar Disc


Tesla369 Solar Disc® should be worn around the neck in the most cases. Users can place it on the painful areas of the body, on the forehead when they have a headache, it can be placed near a bowl of water, as well as the plate of food to energize it. Tesla369 Solar Disc® can also be placed on specific spots at work or home, where user experience negative effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation, so in that way – it can be a useful protection.

If you feel too much energized late at night, we suggest that you undress TSD and wear it as soon as you wake up. It can happen in some cases that the users are “too energized”, but it’s not negative or unwanted effect, hence it’s specific bioenergy potential of a person.

Although TSD is made of the highest quality materials, there are some precautions in everyday use. Tesla369 Solar Disc® should not be worn when taking shower or swimming. It should not be worn when playing sports, training in the gym, and in any way when users can sweat. TSD should not be worn with other jewelry, since there is a small chance that it can be damaged.


Tesla369 Solar Disc® lifetime is unlimited.

Cautions and Unwanted Effects

There are small precautions mentioned in the section “How to use TSD”

Tesla369 Solar Disc® doesn’t have any unwanted effects.

Package contents of TSD

Tesla369 Solar Disc® comes in Premium black package that consists:


  • product (TSD)
  • black cord
  • user guide with certificate
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