Beneficial Effects of TSD

Increase of Energy

Tesla369 Solar Disc® can increase Human Bioenergy field. It acts like antenna of tachyons – particles that are travelling faster than light. You can have more energy for your activities while wearing TSD.

Cell Regeneration

Tesla369 Solar Disc® can speed up cell regeneration. When TSD is placed on the problematic spots, wounds, painful contusions and sprains are healing much quicker.

EMF Protection

TSD acts as EMF Protection shield to the users.

It can lower the effects of negative EMF, and in that way – improves quality of life.

Anti-Age Process

TSD can slow down Aging process. It’s Scientifically proven to change water crystals, since our body is about 70% of water – in that way – TSD may help us to renew our cells and body.

Stress Reduction

TSD also brings the piece of mind to the user who wears it.

It can calm it’s users in stressful situations as well as it relaxes the person in any situation.

Spiritual Growth

TSD helps user to elevate to higher frequencies. Energized Aurora Borealis crystals can create something like protection shield, and enable it’s users to focus on the things that are really important to them.

Here is the Closed Group Research graphic chart of some of the beneficial effects of Tesla369 Solar Disc®.

  • Energy Increase 81.7% 81.7%
  • Better Sleep 67.7% 67.7%
  • Better Focus and Concentration 71.4% 71.4%
  • Stress Reduction 81.1% 81.1%
  • Examinees asked – Is this a Worthy Investment? 93.7% 93.7%

* Closed group Test research (18 females, 17 males) concluded for a 4 weeks period

Research Test was concluded in Serbia, from 28th October 2019 to 25th November 2019.

You can see the full research and marks of the examinees here.

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