Tesla369 Solar Disc®

Scientifically Proven Energy Pendant

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Do you want to Feel Better?

Do you want to have More Energy?

Do you want to Improve Quality of Your Life in Natural way?

You are on the right place, because our Tesla369 Solar Disc® may be the only energy pendant you will ever need. Based on the Nikola Tesla’s inventions and technology, as well as Tesla’s thoughts on Free Energy, frequency and vibration – Tesla369 Solar Disc® will deliver Positive Effects beyond your expectations.

Tesla369 Solar Disc® Improves Quality Your of Life in many ways, it Accelerates Cell Regeneration, Improves Physical and Mental Energy, Protects from harmful EMF radiation, Slows down Aging process…

Produced of the Highest Quality materials, Scientifically Proven in Institute of Bioelectro-magnetics and new Biology, Tesla369 Solar Disc® is the product that You will love for sure.

Ease Your Life in 5G World!

User Experiences

Hi, I am a new user of your product, I love it and got many positive feedbacks from family members that took theirs to wear.

Mei L.


I received it yesterday. I felt totally relaxed wearing it and now I’m awake and feel I have tons of energy. Thank you!

Charmaine P.

Norfolk, USA

Definitely adds clarity and energy…My meditation was more profoundly felt I believe in part to the properties of this disc.

Ross B.

Vancouver, Canada

Scientific Research Results

Tesla369 Solar Disc Scientific Research
Scientific Research Tesla369 Purple Plate 7

All The Products Have Antibacterial Coating

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla

Based on Nikola Tesla’s work and studies, Tesla369 Solar Disc® is a true Life Energy Generator which Improves General State of Mind, Body and Soul and helps in treatment of many health problems.

It acts as antenna and transmitter of Radiant Energy, the energy for which Nikola Tesla was claiming that is the most important in every creation in the Universe. Tesla Solar Disc is Scientifically Proven to have Subtle Influence on Dynamic Water Structures, and since our body is about 70% Water, it has almost Immediate Positive Effect on your Health and Wellbeing.

Simply said – it Accelerates Cell Regeneration by having direct positive influence on water molecules in your body. Tesla369 Solar Disc® can also be a great EMF Shield, protecting you from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Energized Crystals on both sides of the pendant are infused with Proven Beneficial Frequencies and in that way – they amplify the positive effect.

Tesla369 Solar Disc® comes in Premium black package with Scientific Research Certificate, User Guide and Black Cord.


HandMade with Custom Tailored Tools


Beneficial Frequencies Energized Crystals


Highest Quality Materials

You got nothing to lose. How? We offer You Triple Guarantee.

We are so sure that You will love Tesla369 Solar Disc®,

so We can offer You a purchase without any risk from your side.

Ease Your Life in 5G World!

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