The Story Behind Tesla Solar Disc


The Beginings


Tesla369 Solar Disc® is made of aluminum, which was the favorite metal of Nikola Tesla. In his book “The problem of increasing human energy” – Tesla stated numerous times that the magical metal which properties has to be discovered in the future – aluminum – will completely replace steel, and the time will come in which everything will be made of it.

Now, we see that pretty much everything is being made of aluminum in the industry. Many times, Tesla stated that aluminum acts like antenna and transmitter of radiant energy and tachyons, a particles that are travelling faster than light. That’s why we chose to make Tesla Solar Disc of aluminum.

The Idea

The idea for the Tesla369 Solar Disc® came from many sources, primarily Nikola Tesla’s inventions and patents, and first of all – on the patent of how to utilize radiant (tachyon) energy.

The idea of how Tesla369 Solar Disc® should look – it certainly came from the Source of Everything – the Sun, as Nikola Tesla was saying over and over – everything comes from the Sun.

So, Tesla369 Solar Disc® cannot have other shape than the circle (disc), and it cannot be of another color, instead of yellow (gold). It represents the Sun which You should Let to Shine in and from your heart.

The Front Side

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Let’s examine the front side of the Tesla369 Solar Disc®. “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla. We had to put these numbers on the front side for sure, along with the letter “T”, which represents the most famous scientist of all time.

First, you can see Solar (Sun) Cross, which represents the highest power – The Sun. It has nothing with religions, since we are not too religious, just like Nikola Tesla was trying to find the compromise between religion and science.

Another thing you can see is that there are 3 sunny rays in every quadrant of TSD. That represents the emanation of light that comes from the eternal power – the Sun.

If you try to look at the 3rd picture, but turn the picture on the left or right for 45 degrees – you will see Nikola Tesla’s most famous invention, maybe the most important invention in the history of mankind – AC motor – which runs in every aspect of today’s industry, and life cannot be imagined without it.

In the end – all the dimensions on the front side are divisible by 3.

For example – the whole disc is 39mm in diameter, the first outer round is 3mm thick, arm of the cross is also 3mm thick, thickness betwen “sunny rays” are 1.5mm, the inner round where is the crystal is also 1.5mm thick…We really had to respect Tesla’s daily habit that everything should be divisible by 3.

 The Back Side

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Please, take a look at the back side of Tesla369 Solar Disc®. Someone can say that it’s just another labyrinth. But is way more than that.

The original idea to put the labyrinth on the back side of TSD came from the Chartres Labyrinth, which is made more than a half millennium ago in Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres (Chartres, France)

A labyrinth represents wholeness, but also represents a big truth – that we all have one way, one mission that we have to accomplish. In the center – you can see the flower – which represents the unity with the God. It’s not the backside unintentionally – Tesla Solar Disc should bring the peace to whoever wears it.

If you search on the internet, you can find many labyrinths in different shapes, but you will find that the most of most of them are similar to Chartres Labyrinth. Many labyrinths can be found in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, where patients and clients walk to the center and back. Most of the patients like walking trough the labyrinths – they feel the sense of peace and calmness. That is the main purpose of the back side.

The Golden Coat


Tesla369 Solar Disc® is electrochemically coated in a beautiful Sun Gold color, which has Antibacterial properties.

We are using the highest quailty, Antibacterial organic powder from the eminent Austrian Company – Tiger, which makes ones of the best coating powders in the World.

The Marriage of the Crystals


In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.

Nikola Tesla

There is a core in the Universe from which we get all the strength, all the inspiration, it eternally attracts us; I feel it’s power and the values ​​it imparts to the whole Universe and thus maintains it in harmony. I have not penetrated the mystery of that core, but I know that exist and even when I want to attach some material attribute to it, then I think it is light, and when I try to understand it spiritually, then it is beauty and compassion. The one who feels that faith feels strong, the work makes him happy, because he himself feels one tone in overall harmony.

Nikola Tesla

Now, we truly believe that it’s perfectly clear why we had to put crystals on both sides of Tesla369 Solar Disc®.

They are really “married”, holding each other in the middle of the center hole of TSD.

They are more than beautiful, Aurora Borealis crystals, which have all the rainbow colors in it.

All the crystals are energized and infused with the spectrum of Solfeggio frequencies.

Infusion and energizing our crystals remains a secret.

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