Tesla369® Purple Disc

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Tesla369® Purple Disc

Top Quality, WorldWide Exclusive Manufacturing Method With Holographic Particles!

Dimension: 4.5 cm (1.77 in) in diameter

Tesla369® Purple Disc is usually worn around neck, although, customers often put discs on paniful places on the body and enjoy positive effects of Chinese traditional medicine, where positive energy flows trough energy centers called “chakras”.

It’s very good to wear it as long as you want and feel constant increase of energy and accelerate spiritual development.

You will also receive User Guide, package with holograms, and black cord – which is also made of a great quality material and it will remain in good condition for many years.

Lifetime: Unlimited.

More info about Tesla369® Purple Plates and Discs on: www.teslaenergyplates.com


9 reviews for Tesla369® Purple Disc

  1. Ivana

    I love it!

  2. milica

    i feel great while wearing TESLA disc

  3. Danica

    Beautiful fashion detail, along with beneficial effects…

  4. Emilija

    I wear it almost 3 years

  5. nada

    my lucky charm!

  6. Marina A.

    It’s beautiful

  7. Marko

    Great to cope with everyday stress

  8. Nataša S.

    I wear it all the time and feel so good!

  9. Danica Petrovic

    great communication

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