In simplest terms, Scalar energy is a method of absorbing energy from nothing. That is exactly why it is also known as zero-point energy. The theoretical concept of scalar energy and its practical uses were discovered back in the 19th century. Nevertheless, the use of quantum energy to the benefit of humans have become popular pretty recently. According to studies, scalar energy will not only protect your body from harmful radiation but also enhance the energy level of your bodily cells. Moreover, scalar energy is claimed on some websites to have the ability to prevent various harmful diseases such as cancer.

Introduction to Quantum Energy Pendants

Quantum energy pendant or scalar energy pendant is one of the most popular products that made a great impact on the health and wellness industry. In fact, scalar energy product has become one of the hottest topics among the modern-day individuals who are concerned about their overall well-being.

In fact, the scalar energy pendant was introduced to the market only a few years ago. Despite its short history, its popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. Basically, a quantum energy pendant is a wearable accessory just like its name suggests.

The pendant is manufactured using a special variety of Japanese volcanic lava. This substance comprises of more than 70 natural minerals. These minerals emit a combination of energy waves that directly affect the body in a positive way.

The pendant is manufactured under extreme temperatures. It also undergoes a process under low-temperature level so the substances will be bounded firmly. In general, a good quantum energy pendant comes with a high amount of negative ion. The substance comprises minerals such as germanium, tourmaline etc. Basically, germanium is a very popular material that is commonly used to treat cancer patients. This mineral has the ability to promote your blood circulation and thereby promote natural healing ability. When it comes to tourmaline, it is another powerful material that comes with negative ions.

In addition to that, the quantum energy pendant emits scalar energy with 440 resonance. As a result, it boosts the positive flow of energy and thereby allows you maintaining energy balance. If you visit a natural waterfall or a cave, you will be able to experience an energy level of 2500 negative ions. However, negative ions of such energy levels can penetrate only up to 2” in your body. However, by wearing a good quantum energy pendant you can expect a negative ion level of  more than 4000. Such value can penetrate your body as deep as 4” and thereby energize water and food as well.

Another vital characteristic associated with the scalar energy pendant is that it can restore the natural balance of the body. Generally, we are exposed to various types of negative effects created by electro-pollution. As a result of that exposure, the electrical properties of the cells of our body will become imbalanced. That will lead us to have weaker cells and thereby we feel lower energy levels and stress throughout the day.

By wearing a quantum energy product such as a pendant, you can regain the natural balance of the body. That means it will restore your body’s balance. But be careful to choose the right one, since there a lot of fake products on the market. Even Australian Government announced that quantum pendants can be radioactive:

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FIR stones: To boost the circulation of bodily fluid and re-energize

Our blood is the medium that distributes oxygen and other nutrients to the bodily cells. In addition to that, blood removes waste and toxic substances from the cells. In this case, our blood vessels play an exceptionally important role because blood travels from and to the cells through vessels. According to various studies, FIR of quantum energy pendant is capable of dilating capillary vessels and thereby boost the blood circulation. As a result, your body will experience a better distribution of oxygen and essential nutrients.

There are some toxic gases around us namely carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. In addition to that, we may be under the influence of metals such as mercury and chlorine which are trapped in water clusters in our body. FIR can make vibrate water molecules and thereby reduce the size of the clusters. As a result, the trapped gases and toxic materials will be released. Eventually, they will be flushed away making you replenished. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, your body will become cleaner and fresher. Eventually, it will result in better cellular function, vitality and energy. If you experience chronic aches and pains in the body and are dreaming of improved flexibility, wearing a pendant with quantum energy would be a very effective remedy.

Germanium: To Increase your body’s conductivity and regulate the flow of Bio-Energy

Germanium is one of the most important elements found in quantum energy pendants. One of the most notable characteristics associated with Germanium is semi-conductivity. That means, Germanium can receive and donate its electrons pretty easily.

Most of the healing properties are associated with this unique characteristic. In addition to that, it has the ability to neutralize the potential effects positive ions may hinder the proper flow of bio-energy through the body. In other words, Germanium can make you more energized and relieve potential chronic pains you may have.

Negative Ions: To Refresh the Mind and Body

When you are in a natural atmosphere like near a waterfall or on a mountain range, you start to feel fresh and energized. Do you know the reason behind that? In fact, that energized feeling is pumped into your mind and body because of the negative ions in the air.

There is no shortage of benefits associated with negative ions for any living being. For instance, animals that are exposed to negative ions live healthier and plants in such an atmosphere grow faster. 

Even humans can experience the same sort of benefits; they will feel better and experience less stress. Also, they will become more active and productive. One of the most notable benefits associated with negative ions is that they can promote the distribution of oxygen cells. As a result, it can stimulate the functions of your body. Since they can increase the oxygen flow to the brain as well, you will experience better alertness, focus, and a rejuvenated body. Also, they make you have a better mood. You will also be able to fight depression successfully with the assistance of negative ions.

What makes us exposed to positive ions?

As modern-day humans, we are constantly exposed to positive ions. Those positive ions can be found in air-conditioning, exhaust fumes, under fluorescent light, use of cellphones, TV screens, computers, all the electrical and electronic appliances, and even cigarette smoke can increase the volume of positive ions. When the number of positive ions is significantly higher compared to negative ions, they can create adverse effects on your health. For instance, you may experience muscle aches, joint pains, mood swings, chronic headaches, insomnia, inefficiency, feeling lethargy and experiencing generally poor health. One of the best solutions to overcome such a situation is to wear a quantum energy product.

Direct Benefits of wearing a Energy Product

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Here is a shortlist of benefits you can experience by wearing energy pendant:


  • It can increase the energy level of each and every cell in the human body. Thereby, it can increase the flow of nutrients towards the cells and flush away waste and toxins.
  • It can break down the water clusters in the body and transform them into micro-clusters. Those micro-clusters will dissolve faster and have better cleansing and healing capacity.
  • It can neutralize the potentially harmful effects that were caused by electro-magnetic radiation caused by external devices.
  • It can alleviate potential inflammation and swell in your body.
  • You can use it to maximize the brainpower and thereby achieve better focus, creativity and peace of mind.
  • It promotes the blood circulation of the body and makes you stronger.
  • It works perfectly to boost your immune system and ensure that you fight against diseases.
  • Energy product can assist the body in fighting against viruses.
  • It can promote the detoxification process of the body.
  • You can use it even to improve the quality of the water just by keeping a pendant beneath a glass of water.
  • Energy pendant may help you in protecting DNA.
  • It may work as an anti-aging product which can make you more beautiful and active.
  • It may help your body to fight against cancer cells.
  • It can improve your body’s natural energy field.
  • It may protect you from external electromagnetic waves and radiations that are emitted from electric appliances.

How to use a Energy pendant correctly?

Mentioned below is a guideline for those who wish to use a Energy pendant

  • To yield the best results, you should wear the pendant at least for 8 hours every day. Make sure that you wear it for four consecutive days to experience the difference. Also, you can increase the results by drinking at least 8 glasses of water (Energized water is best).
  • Make sure that you wear it to touch the body parts that are affected or painful. For instance, you can wear it right on the knee, shoulder, back, ankle, etc.
  • If you have a headache, just place it over the forehead so you will experience relief.
  • If you experience stomachache or mensuration pain, wear it over the abdomen.

In fact, a Energy pendant can do a greater job than just breaking down the molecules of water. When you wear a good quantum energy pendant, the water in the body will be grouped into clusters that can penetrate cells. Then, the clusters will gain access through the membranes of the cells and deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells. Also, it will remove waste and toxins without any difficulty. As a result, the cells will be cleaner, younger and healthier.

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How to energize water using a Energy pendant?

Apart from using it to energize your body, a Energy pendant can be used to energize water as well. To get it done, you should place the pendant under the glass of water (or the bottle of water). Make sure that you keep the pendant at least 20 minutes for each 500ml of water. That means you should place the pendant at least 40 minutes for one liter of water. You can use this water to wash, bathe or even water the plants in addition to drinking.


Wearing a good Energy pendant can deliver a variety of benefits. However, to yield the best results, you must get your Energy product from a reputed, trustworthy seller. In addition to that, if you start to experience minor discomforts (such as a heaviness of the head or dizziness), start wearing it for shorter periods and increase the time gradually. Also, you can have it in your pocket until your body gets used to it.

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