It is no secret that we all are surrounded by various electrical and electronic devices throughout the day and night. Computer, TV unit, AC and other electrical appliances are some examples of such devices. Moreover, we use to carry quite a few gadgets such as cellphones, laptops, tablet computers etc. All those devices are designed to make our lives more comfortable. However, on the flip side, the same appliances can generate pretty harmful force fields. When you get exposed to such force fields on a constant basis, there can be pretty harmful effects on our health.

The force fields that are created by those devices are known as EMF, which is the shortened form of Electromagnetic Fields. Basically, EMF is the force field that is not visible to human eyes under any circumstance. Inf act, EMF is produced as a result of the moving charges that are found within the electrical appliances. EMF moves from one place to another in the form of waves (or radiation). Since these waves are everywhere in the air, we constantly get exposed to them. We have a natural bioelectrical system within our bodies.

The respective system deploys signals to various parts of the body and achieves various tasks including performing reactions. Apparently, the aforesaid EMF or Electromagnetic Fields can disrupt that system.

When our natural bioelectrical system fails, it is needless to mention how harmful it can be for our health. When you are exposed to EMF in the long run, you may even experience increased stress levels. You may even experience insomnia as a result of that. It is also believed that EMF can disrupt your natural DNA composition as well. Also, it can weaken your immune system which will lead to severe health issues. In the worst case, getting exposed to EMF can cause heart diseases. This is exactly why you should know about EMF protection.

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Why do we need EMF protection?

In general, the unit milli-Gauss (mG) is used to measure the strength of EMF. As long as the EMF around you doesn’t exceed a limit of 2.5 mG, that would be safe. However, under practical circumstances, we cannot expect our environments to be that good. You will realize it if you know the amount of EMF emitted by the general appliances we have at home. For instance, an oven can emit up to 500 mG of EMF. When it comes to a vacuum cleaner, it can emit about 1300 mG of EMF in general. Well, when it comes to a hairdryer, the EMF is as high as 20,000 mG. So, it goes without saying that we need EMF protection to keep those harmful EMF away and live healthily.

What can we do to protect ourselves from EMF?

The most affordable and the best way to protect ourselves from EMF is to use electrical devices while maintaining a good distance. That means you should use them while staying as far as possible from the respective appliance. The longer the distance, the lower the intensity of the EMF. Also, you can consider minimizing the usage of such appliances that emit EMF. For instance, you can consider a manual cleaning of the floor instead of a vacuum cleaner. Also, you can consider using the hand beater instead of the electric one. However, both of those options are not that practical as we can realize easily. We cannot necessarily think of a world without electric and electronic appliances, can we?

So, what is the best option to keep EMF away?

Although the options we have mentioned above are affordable, the practicality of them is doubtful. So, it is important to know what other methods we can use to protect ourselves from EMF.

In this case, it is strongly suggested to wear EMF protection products that come as wearables. For instance, you can consider an EMF protection shield or an EMF protection pendant. A good EMF protection pendant has the ability to weaken the EMF radiation in your surroundings. When you wear an EMF protection shield, the EMF radiation will be absorbed by them. Also, the potential radiation will be significantly reduced so you will not be exposed to adverse effects. According to experts, EMF protection devices can be substantially effective in reducing potential health risks associated with EMF waves.

How can an EMF protection pendant protect you?

In general, you can find EMF protection devices with different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose a design to match your desire. Some of the devices are designed to be kept inside a room while others are designed as wearable devices (such as EMF protection pendant). EMF protection shield is designed and manufactured using quantum technology to protect the natural energy field of your body. The same energy field is also considered as the aura. 

As a result of wearing a good EMF protection shield, the EMF radiation around you can be weakened. Also, those devices can actually convert the EMF waves into harmonic frequencies as well.

EMF protection products that are designed according to quantum technology can be worn at any time of the day (in fact, you should wear it any time of the day). Thanks to the fashionable designs, they actually match pretty much any occasion as well. To experience the true benefits of a good EMF protection pendant, you must wear it at least 3 days consecutively. The symptoms associated with the adverse effects caused by EMF will go away within a few days once you start to wear the protection pendant.

The quantum crystal energy used to manufacture the EMF protection pendant is pretty unique. As a result of using this device, you can reduce the stress that is caused due to prolonged exposure to mobile devices and other electric/electronic devices. However, the EMF pendants don’t necessarily interrupt the signals of your phone. Also, none of those devices require any external power source such as batteries or recharging. It works naturally because of the composition of the chemicals used.

Since the pendants work based on the special composition of the metal used, a larger pendant would provide better protection. So, if you have a larger body size, you may need a large pendant to protect yourself. However, some of the manufacturers offer small-sized pendants that are powerful enough to protect even a large person.

How to buy the right kind of EMF protection shield?

Now that you know about the reasons to wear an EMF protection shield, you might be wondering how to buy the right kind of EMF protection. Mentioned below is a guideline for you.

  • One of the most important things to consider when buying an EMF protection shield is choosing the right company. Make sure that you choose a company that has a very impressive track record. If the company is been around for a while and has received plenty of positive reviews, that’s an obvious positive sign. It is true that there are various random sellers who offer EMF protection devices but only a few of them actually deliver what is expected. Therefore, you must make sure that you go for a company with a very good track record that has received positive feedback from real clients. You can also refer to their social media accounts as well so you can realize the most updated comments about their reputation.

  • Check if they offer a guarantee of the devices you sell. After all, they must be able to recommend their own products to clients without any doubt. The customer service of the respective company should be knowledgeable about the product they sell. Also, they must be able to explain how their products work to protect you from potential EMF effects around you. Some users may have questions related to the functionality of EMF protection So, the customer service of the respective company should be able to solve those issues without leaving any doubts. You can experience their competence simply by talking to them or messaging them and observing how they reply. The amount of time they take to respond and how professionally they do that are key aspects to monitor.

  • In addition to that, you must make sure that you purchase your EMF protection pendant from a company that has done some research on the subject. Some of the companies can have very attractive websites and may have very attractive photographs to market their products. However, when it comes to the knowledge factor, they have not done any research on the subject. So, instead of the photos, you must dig deep and see what sort of information they provide.

  • The company that sells EMF protection products should make everything clear about the products they sell. That means, they must be confident about the technology they use. What they explain should be understandable even for an average user. Make sure that you stay away from companies that don’t make any credible statements and sources of information.

  • Make sure that you give preference to companies that offer some guarantee to the users. Some of the companies just focus on the marketing aspect instead of educating their potential clients. But the best option is to choose a company that explains everything about EMF, their effects and preventive measures apart from marketing their products. It is always good to know the truth before purchasing a product than doing it blindly just because they say.

The truth is that you can purchase a good EMF protection product at a certain cost. In other words, an EMF protection shield is not that cheap. You will have to make some sort of investment and gain true protection from EMF. However, what you spend on an EMF product is an investment for your wellbeing. If you end up with a good product, it will last for a pretty long time protecting you from various radiations. Also, if you compare the cost of an EMF pendant with your total annual doctor bills, the former will be a fraction. Also, the time it saves by cutting down the doctor visits will be precious for a busy individual.


EMF is everywhere today because of the large number of digital and electronic/electrical devices we use every day. So, knowing how to protect ourselves from EMF is vital for a healthy life. Although reducing the use of digital devices and using them while maintaining a distance are effective solutions, their practicality is doubtful in a tech-driven society. That is exactly why you should start wearing an EMF protection shield (such as EMF pendant). A good EMF protection product can act as a shield to protect you from EMF and thereby prevent a variety of health issues including stress and heart diseases. So, making an investment on a good EMF protection is a wise decision for any modern-day individual.

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